Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Experiential Learning

What better way to apply your Biology knowledge then getting out in the field. Rising IB seniors do this every summer with Mrs. Kathleen Harrison. This summer marked my third time chaperoning this amazing field trip to the VIMS Eastern Shore Lab in Wachapreague, VA. Several rising seniors said learning about this trip when they were in 8th grade was one of the factors in their decision to join IB. The day certainly paid in full, right from the start, as we watched a (very startled?) stingray give birth! Check out the pics here:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Admissions at selective universities

Thursday we did case studies as we explored the admissions process at Stanford University. What an eye opener! One of the big take-aways for me was the importance of the student's essay and short answer responses. Admissions counselors read thousands of applications, so your essay truly needs to stand out. The readers want to hear the student's voice and get a sense of his or her passion for learning and ability to be introspective. Of course, they have to be grammatically perfect too. No pressure, right? 

Admissions counselors want to get a sense of you in context of your school, community and family too. Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors help to paint this picture for the admissions officer. Your involvement in school related activities and the courses you choose to take tell that story too. 

Would you be interested in a workshop that reviews the admissions process for highly selective schools? Leave me a message here, post on our FB wall or send me an email. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

And away we go....

Last night there was a lovely welcome reception in the courtyard of the Arrillaga Alumni Center. We had time to mingle with Stanford Admissions Counselors. Rick Shaw, the Dean of Admissions, spoke with our group about the importance of supporting you, our students. Professor of History, Al Camarillo, shared stories of current and former students. Many were first generation college students. Listening to both speakers, it is clear that Stanford has many supports in place to uphold students, to give them the support necessary to be successful. Through a diversified faculty and staff, students services, residential advising and so much more, students have many places to turn for help. 

I'm looking forward to today when we'll hear from students and work with admissions counselors. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stanford or Bust!

Up before the sun today to catch a flight to Cali. I have an amazing invitation to visit Stanford University. I expect a whirlwind couple of days as activities begin mere hours after I land. Stay tuned for insider scoop on the admissions process, scholarships, financial aid, and, of course, pics from the campus tour.